Literacy Education: Beaufort County’s United Front
Posted by Jessica Gilmour on December 12, 2019 in categoryStories from the FieldcategoryNewscategoryAdvocacy

In Beaufort County, North Carolina, there is a literacy education movement making headlines for shedding light on the importance of adult, child, and health literacy in their community. Recently featured in the Washington Daily News, three literacy education groups—Literacy Volunteers of Beaufort County, the Beaufort-Hyde Partnership for Children, and the Beaufort County Literacy Task Force of the Beaufort County 360—have worked to address low literacy in their community by offering free tutoring and access to literature.

Literacy Volunteers of Beaufort County educates low literate adults in its community by offering free tutoring in reading, writing, and math. Through the use of ProLiteracy programs and New Readers Press materials it has been able to provide adult learners and tutors with online courses, lesson plans, activities, and the best practices in adult literacy education. The tutors of Literacy Volunteers of Beaufort County are providing incredible services for the low literate adults in their community.

The Beaufort-Hyde Partnership for Children works to provide children in Beaufort County with books before they begin school, promoting early childhood literacy and family literacy education.

The Beaufort County Literacy Task Force is a subgroup of the Beaufort County 360, a nonprofit organization that provides resources and solutions to improve the overall quality of life in Beaufort County. It focuses on childcare, health, family, and literacy while providing access to books throughout the community. These great organizations provide children and their families with literature that may not have been accessible otherwise.

The programs in Beaufort County are shining examples of how to create lasting change in a community by offering resources and literacy education for children, adults, and families.



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