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Discount Drug Network ProLiteracy Discount Card

An important aspect of adult literacy and education is the understanding of health care practices. Health literacy is the ability to obtain, understand, and follow health care information and services. From reading a prescription bottle to understanding an insurance policy, health literacy is vital for adults. An excess of $230 billion a year in health care costs is linked to low adult literacy. 

ProLiteracy has partnered with the Discount Drug Network to provide free prescription discount cards to make health care more accessible for all. Not only can you save money, but each time this savings card is used the retailer donates a small portion of the transaction to ProLiteracy.


ProLiteracy Discount Drug Network Prescription Card

What is the ProLiteracy Prescription Savings Card?

ProLiteracy and Discount Drug Network have partnered to offer a free prescription discount card. The ProLiteracy Prescription Savings Card will provide discounts for FDA approved prescription medications—including pet medications. Accepted at up to 99% of all U.S. pharmacies, the ProLiteracy Prescription Savings Card can be used whether or not you are insured for savings up to 85% off.

How do I use it?

After downloading the ProLiteracy Prescription Savings Card there is no activation, enrollment, or personal information required. Simply present the card to your pharmacist at checkout and receive the discounts presented.

Can I check for discounts before going to the pharmacy?

Click here to preview the eligible discounts for your prescriptions at all participating pharmacies in your area. This will allow you to compare the discounts at each pharmacy to ensure you are receiving the best deals on your medications.

Can I share this card with my friends and family?

Yes! Anyone can download a ProLiteracy Prescription Savings Card, regardless of income, age, insurance, citizenship status, etc. No personal information is required to download the card.

To download your free ProLiteracy Prescription Savings Card click here.
Or fill out the form to receive a physical card for your purse or wallet at no cost.

For more information, visit


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