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Posted by Jessica Gilmour on February 13, 2020 in categoryFacts & ResearchcategoryMember Tips

Workforce Atlas is an online career pathways platform that points you in the direction of jobs best suited to you based assessments that measure literacy proficiency, numeracy skills, workplace skills, and interests.

“Yeah it made you feel good about yourself. That you had other objects, or areas you could go to, you didn’t have to stick to the thing that you know or have done. It opened doors. I just actually got accepted to college to do HVAC, yeah this place (pilot site) has helped me a lot.”

—WFA user

Workforce Atlas offers a multitude of career matches based on job interests, job skills, reading, and math skills. It was created to expand the width of a user’s job search by offering more possibilities. Workforce Atlas helps match interests with experiences to overcome barriers, introduce new opportunities, and shatter misconceptions about the workforce.

“It was helpful for me to know what I could be doing, but also that what I’m doing now is relevant, I’ve done guest services and they recommended a lot of jobs related to guest services. So, it helps me make sure I’m on the right track.”

—WFA user

Workforce Atlas not only introduces new career opportunities, but also presents options to develop current jobs or careers. This ensures users that while on the right track, there are still ways to actively grow their career on an upward trajectory. Presenting different niches in their market, Workforce Atlas can help find the perfect pocket for the user to succeed in their profession.

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