Review of The Open Door Collective: The Workforce Basic Skills Resources Collection
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ProLiteracy is excited to highlight “Review of The Open Door Collective: The Workforce Basic Skills Resources Collection,” by Johan E. Ulvin from the Institute for Educational Leadership. This article is featured in the Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy, ProLiteracy’s free online, peer-reviewed research journal created to inform practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and funders about best practices in adult literacy, numeracy, and English language education.

An excerpt of “Review of The Open Door Collective: The Workforce Basic Skills Resources Collection” is highlighted below.

The Open Door Collective (ODC) is a membership-driven, web-based resource portal for professionals in adult education, social services, and poverty reduction who have expertise in connecting adult basic skills education to employment and training, health care, and family and social services. Practitioners are the primary audience with researchers and policy makers being the secondary audience. This review will first provide an overall description and review of this portal, before exploring in depth an example of a resource found in the ODC.

Open Door Collective Video from David Rosen on Vimeo.

Why Does It Exist?

ODC’s mission is to help adult basic skills advocates create common cause with advocates for other issues (health, employment, incarceration, libraries, etc.) in order to build an integrated approach to ending poverty. Under the motto of “Opening the Door to Opportunity for Everyone,” the ODC is dedicated to reshaping U.S. society to have dramatically less poverty and economic inequality and more civic engagement and participation in all our society has to offer. Members of the ODC believe that adult basic skills education and lifelong learning programs can help open the doors of opportunity for everyone to healthier, more prosperous and satisfying lives and are committed to building an economic and political environment that supports innovative policies, programs and investment for developing the basic skills of all adults. The website includes a transparent statement of beliefs that illustrate this overall commitment.

Who Leads It?

The work of the ODC is overseen by a Steering Committee that consist of seven leading practitioners, policy makers, and researchers in the field of adult learning: John Comings, Eric Nesheim, Margaret Peterson, Steve Reder, David Rosen, Jen Vanek, and Gwenn Weaver.    

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