Stories from the Field: Adult Literacy Management and Leadership Training
Posted by Jessica Gilmour on February 20, 2020 in categoryStories from the Field

ProLiteracy’s Adult Literacy Management and Leadership Training is a five-course series designed to foster and expand the expertise needed to successfully lead an organization. Recently, we piloted the Financial Management and Administrative Management with different active executive directors around the country. Two of the participants share their experiences below.

Lakeland Literacy Project, Rathdrum, ID

“What I most appreciated was information was useful and accessible for our immediate use to get us off the ground, and also included long-game guidance as well. For example, we are a small organization within an organization. We do not have a need for a board of directors at this time, but the modules covered exactly who I am looking for to be on my board and ultimately what the expectations are for their roles. As I interact with my community, this knowledge has helped me look at potential board members. The advice regarding an Advisory board is super helpful as well and I will implement that immediately.

My strategic item to implement as a result of this training was my budget. THANK YOU! Having these templates for our budget and the information from the accounting was invaluable. I have learned so much and feel much more prepared going into my second year. Classifying funds and data will help me be prepared to apply for grant funding.”

Butte Literacy Program, Butte, MT

“The Accounting section of the class helped me analyze the problem. The Budgeting section of the class gave me a framework in which to develop the budget and – even more importantly – the means for understanding what I was doing and why I was doing it. Numbers are my natural adversaries. I must admit I have never had any interest in understanding anything about accounting let alone performing accounting duties. This course made it bearable and fairly transparent. Thanks to the template, I was able to create a budget that pleased the program’s board of directors. I showed them the other templates that the class on Budgeting offered and they selected others that they want to receive as monthly reports.” 

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