Laubach Way to Reading: Arabic
Posted by Jessica Gilmour on March 09, 2020 in categoryNew Readers PresscategoryWomen's Empowerment

The late Dr. Robert S. Laubach (Dr. Bob) and his father Dr. Frank C. Laubach were pioneers in adult literacy education, whose work is credited with teaching more than 100 million adults to read and write in more than 200 languages. In honor of Dr. Bob’s legacy, ProLiteracy and New Readers Press created the Dr. Robert S. Laubach Publishing & Innovation Fund. The money raised in this fund is supporting the digitization and translation of Laubach Way to Reading, the bestselling New Readers Press reading and writing series, in multiple languages to be accessible online and on mobile devices. Additional Laubach materials are also being translated into local languages so people can learn to read and write in their native language. ProLiteracy and New Readers Press are excited to announce that the first project completed through this fund was the translation of Laubach Way to Reading into Arabic.

Why Arabic?

Literacy rates, especially for women in Arabic-speaking countries, are among the lowest in the world. This resource will serve Arab refugees and immigrants who are not yet literate in their native language. The step-by-step instructions in the Laubach Way to Reading teacher’s edition and the illustrated student book are powerful tools that will tackle low literacy in the Arab world.

How to access Laubach Way to Reading Arabic?

Laubach Way to Reading Arabic is a free resource, funded by generous donors who contributed to the Dr. Robert S. Laubach Publishing & Innovation Fund. For those who are interested in this program and content, please reach out to Alesha Anderson at

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