COVID-19: Prepare, Prevent, & Protect
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Share information about Coronavirus with your learners, volunteers, and staff

ProLiteracy encourages everyone to prepare for, protect from, and prevent COVID-19.

Our friends at Cell-Ed have developed The Cell-Ed Coronavirus Guide in English and Spanish, available on any phone, that provides micro-lessons on what Coronavirus is, how to protect yourself from contracting it, and where to receive updated information. Share this guide with your learners today!

One of our member programs, Washtenaw Literacy, has generously created and shared a health literacy flyer written in plain language called "Wash-Wipe-Cover: Don't Infect Another” to help communicate and teach essential information about coronavirus. The health literacy flyer is available for download.

Prepare for possible class cancellations or remote learning

In several parts of the world, educational programs, universities, schools, and conferences have canceled, postponed, or redirected their communication to online platforms. ProLiteracy wants to ensure programs that there are a number of platforms, online resources, and digital solutions available to help maintain contact with and instruction for learners. Most of these tools and resources are free, or have free trial licenses.

  • ZoomAn online platform used to conduct online meetings, webinars, classes, and 1:1 communication. It is easy to use and the basic version is free. 
  • Voxy®—An ESL mobile learning platform that provides support for grammar, listening, reading, vocabulary, and writing. Additional features include navigational text in 14 languages, word banks, grammar guide, flashcards, and pronunciation practice.
  • Learning Upgrade—An app that provides over 900 English and math CCRS-aligned lessons to help accelerate growth in literacy, ESL, ABE, and GED® classes.
  • News for You—A weekly publication for adult learners that uses current event articles and human interest stories to engage learners' interest while building skills in reading, comprehension, and vocabulary.
  • Leamos™ (Let’s Read)A pre-ESL online literacy course that teaches non-literate Spanish-speaking adults to read and write and to prepare them for English language learning.


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