Join the Fun! Play ProLiteracy Solitaire and Increase Skills
Posted by Jessica Gilmour on March 31, 2020 in categoryMember Tips

ProLiteracy is excited to announce a new partnership with Solitaired to create a ProLiteracy Solitaire game that can help your learners develop their digital literacy skills by playing a household game. 

The computer-based Solitaire game was created in 1988 by a Microsoft intern who wanted to play it on his computer. Personal computer use was not nearly as widespread as it is now, but as computer use increased, the game became an important tool to teach users how to use the mouse. While the game itself dates back more than 200 years, we have branded each card with the ProLiteracy logo and a fact or statistic about adult literacy and our organization is displayed with every move.

Because of this partnership with Solitaired, ProLiteracy has had the opportunity to learn about the origins and uses of online Solitaire. In 1988, an intern with Microsoft named Wes Cherry wanted to create a version of the game he could play on his computer. When the program was noticed by a manager, it was included in the upcoming release of windows 3.0

We are excited that our new partnership with Solitaired can continue the tradition of Solitaire as a skill development tool while raising awareness for adult literacy.



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