Dr. Robert “Bob” Laubach’s Vision for Literacy
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The late Dr. Robert S. Laubach (Dr. Bob) contributed over 80 years to adult literacy. His passion for journalism and adult literacy created opportunities for hundreds of thousands of adult learners around the world. His mission was to reach as many low literate adults as possible and provide them with resources that would aid in their education.


“We all ought to be literate, and it is my prayer that someday we all will.”

Dr. Bob and his father Dr. Frank C. Laubach traveled extensively and documented their many literacy trips around the world. They were pioneers in adult literacy education, and their work is credited with teaching more than 100 million adults to read and write in more than 300 languages.

News for You

Dr. Bob was the visionary behind New Readers Press and started their very first product, News for You, at Syracuse University in 1959. This publication is a news platform written at a lower reading level for new readers. Due to COVID-19, News for You Online has granted free access through June 30, 2020. At News for You Online, seven new stories are published each Wednesday, along with audio, exercises, vocabulary, a crossword puzzle, a word search, and a poll. Use the courtesy password 22667F and click “Sign in” to access News for You Online at

Laubach Way to Reading: Arabic

New Readers Press has grown from the one publication to hundreds of publications and resources for adult learners. In honor of Dr. Bob’s legacy, ProLiteracy and New Readers Press created the Dr. Robert S. Laubach Publishing & Innovation Fund. The money raised in this fund is supporting the digitization and translation of Dr. Frank Laubach’s time-tested literacy curriculum still known today as the Laubach Way to Reading. Laubach developed literacy materials for both students and teachers in over 300 languages with teams of educators all over the world. ProLiteracy and New Readers Press are excited to announce that the first project completed through this fund was the translation of Laubach Way to Reading into Arabic.

ProLiteracy adapted and updated an Arabic student workbook and detailed teacher’s guide for literacy instruction originally developed for programs in Egypt in 1950. The new materials will be available through ProLiteracy’s online platform Education Network. The English version of the Laubach Way to Reading curriculum continues to be sold today through New Readers Press and is a popular core reading and writing series.  

Laubach Way to Reading Arabic is a free resource, funded by generous donors who contributed to the Dr. Robert S. Laubach Publishing & Innovation Fund. For those who are interested in this program and content, please reach out to Alesha Anderson at

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In memory of over 80 years of contributions to adult literacy.

Dr. Robert Laubach


“Keep smiling."


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