ProLiteracy’s Research Journal: An Open Discussion

At ProLiteracy we believe not only in the right to education but also equal opportunities, liberties, and protection under the law. We stand in solidarity against bigotry, racism, and hatred. 

Featured below are a series of articles from ProLiteracy's Research Journal Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy Volume 1, Issue 2. 

“I have been struck over the years by the fact that people of color tell me that the most helpful thing whites can do in terms of fighting racism is to become aware of what it means to be white.”

Read the Article by Stephen D. Brookfield

“…I found Brookfield’s analysis and call for action a persuasive intervention; however, I would like to problematize and broaden his decontextualized, essentializing, and binary theorization and stated practices of whiteness by suggesting that we go beyond a binary conception of race by adding an intersectional analysis (Berger & Guidroz, 2009; Crenshaw, 1990) that includes race, social class, gender, nationality, and citizenship.”

Read the Article by Edith Gnanadass


“Brookfield claims that we need to reject a “color blind view of the world for its seeming emphasis on the universal aspect of humanity.” He also suggests that whiteness can be separated out from other aspects of human identity. On the contrary, I see the more chances we take to learn from each other - teacher, student, black, brown, white (and all) - the more seeds of empathy are planted, the more commonalities we recognize in each other.”

Read the Article by Shantih E. Clemans

“…as Edith Gnanadass so pertinently points out, a full explanation of structural inequities requires the permanent reality of intersectionality to be centered; otherwise “we as ABE researchers and practitioners, will once again default to centering whiteness and the white experience while pushing all other racial identities and experiences to the margins and reducing racial relations and racism to the “white-and” binary paradigm of race.””

Read the Response by Stephen D. Brookfield


ProLiteracy supports, conducts, and collaboratively facilitates research that can increase and accelerate learning outcomes for adults seeking to improve literacy, numeracy, or language skills or who lack a high school credential.


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