The Sky is the Limit for 67 Year Old College Graduate

Jules Patrice Means, better known by her peers as Ms. Jules, recently graduated with a degree in sociology from UC Berkeley at age 67. This great-grandmother became a role model to many as she proved that age is not a road block on the path to education.

The struggles Ms. Jules overcame

Ms. Jules always had a passion for education, but her life was not easy. Growing up in the late 1950s, Ms. Jules faced racism from classmates who made her feel ostracized and mistreated. When she got pregnant at 17, she felt ashamed and eventually put her dreams of college on the back burner.

Ms. Jules worked many jobs throughout her life while raising four sons. She faced a multitude of struggles, including a stroke that almost took her life. Instead of slowing her down, these experiences launched her to chase her dreams.

Ms. Jules began taking classes from the $3 Los Medanos College course catalog, took a speech class, and never looked back. In 2017 she earned five associate degrees—in psychology, behavioral science, social science, administration of justice, and arts and humanities. From there she applied and was accepted to her dream school, UC Berkeley.

What is next for Ms. Jules

Ms. Jules awaits her in-person commencement ceremony after COVID-19 caused it to be postponed. According to Chancellor Carol Christ, UC Berkeley is committed to celebrating the graduating seniors in person, hopefully in December 2020 or May 2021. In the meantime, the university held a virtual commencement ceremony using Minecraft, a popular virtual experience where users can create their own three-dimensional worlds.

Ms. Jules plans on applying for grad school to earn her Master of Social Welfare degree.

“It’s never too late to achieve your aspirations in life.” – Ms. Jules Patrice Means

 To learn more about Ms. Jules, her life, and her accomplishments click here.


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