5 Reasons to Learn Arabic
Posted by Jessica Gilmour on July 30, 2020 in categoryNew Readers PresscategoryMember Tips

The ability to speak languages outside of your native tongue has become a skill highly sought after in the current workforce. With technology bringing worlds together, the ability to communicate on a global level has proven to be a competitive edge for those seeking careers.

Learning a foreign language requires commitment of time, effort, and energy. Deciding which is the right language to commit to can be a challenge as all languages are beneficial to learn. Have you ever considered the fascinating and beautiful language that is Arabic? If not, here are 5 reasons to consider:

1.       Arabic is the official language of nearly 25 countries

Arabic is the official language in about 25 countries, making it a great language to know if you plan to travel.

2.       Arabic speakers are in high demand

Because Arabic is a language utilized in many countries, the demand for Arabic speaking workers is growing. Speaking Arabic can help land you your next job.

3.       Arabic can help you learn other world languages

The Arabic language shares the same etymological origin with many other Middle Eastern languages like Farsi or Persian, Turkish, Urdu, and Hebrew.

4.       Arabic is among the top 5 most spoken languages in the world

Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world (approximately 422 million speakers).

5.       Arabic has a rich history and culture

Did you know Arabic helped shape the culture in Europe during the Middle Ages?

Laubach Way to Reading, the bestselling New Readers Press reading and writing series, has been digitized and translated be accessible online and on mobile devices. ProLiteracy and New Readers Press are excited to announce that the first project completed through the Dr. Robert Laubach Publishing & Innovation Fund was the translation of Laubach Way to Reading into Arabic.

Why Arabic?

Literacy rates, especially for women in Arabic-speaking countries, are among the lowest in the world. This resource will serve Arab refugees and immigrants who are not yet literate in their native language. The step-by-step instructions in the Laubach Way to Reading teacher’s edition and the illustrated student book are powerful tools that will tackle low literacy in the Arab world.

How to access Laubach Way to Reading Arabic?

Laubach Way to Reading Arabic is a free resource, funded by generous donors who contributed to the Dr. Robert S. Laubach Publishing & Innovation Fund. For those who are interested in this program and content, please reach out to Alesha Anderson at

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