The Women Writing their own Futures: Padma’s Story
Posted by Randy Hadzor on September 01, 2020

Write Her Future Institute, Padma Patel
Each woman in the Lancôme Write Her Future Institute has a unique story, but they all share a common goal of improving their English literacy.

Here is the story of an extraordinary woman learning English through Voxy.

These are the words of Padma Patel:
My name is Padma. I am a part time employee in Elementary School as a Lunch Supervisor as well as me and my husband own a teaching institute named IT EXPERT SYSTEM.I am working as a manager in my own institute I am also doing volunteer activity in a temple as an observer. I am temporarily laid off from my Elementary School job because of COVID 19 outbreak. Also our teaching institute was impacted by. I am participating in the VOXY program because I want to improve my English speaking, and writing, reading skills in order to maintain my job and my volunteer activity because both require English speaking skills. In future I want to be a full time employee in the Elementary School as a teacher aside position. Also I want to learn technology skills and I learned from VOXY . Now I understand news better than before because from VOXY I learned a lot of vocabulary. Even though in my day to day life my speaking skills improve because of the VOXY program. I am becoming more confident to speak English VOXY helps me to improve my comprehension skills by providing articles from real media and all units which I choose. I am also very thankful to teacher Anya because she is very supportive and enthusiastic. I want to conclude by writing that I am hopeful to get my dream job and inspired to speak English from VOXY PROGRAM and I will tell other women to register for this program too.

Through programs like Write Her Future, we can continue to empower women through literacy. Learn more about Write Her Future at

You can make a difference in the lives of adult learners like Padma, donate today.


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