The Women Writing their own Futures: Mary’s Story

Write Her Future Institute, Mary Gonzalez
Each woman in the Lancôme Write Her Future Institute has a unique story, but they all share a common goal of improving their English literacy.

Here is the story of an extraordinary woman learning English through Voxy.

These are the words of Mary Gonzalez:
My name is Mary Gonzalez. I have been living in Glen Cove for more than fifteen years. I am a hairdresser and I enjoy so much my job. Working full time and having two days off Sundays and Mondays. When I found out two years ago that Glen Cove Library had the English classes as a second language every Monday in the evening, I decided to sing in. We had classes in Fall, Winter and Spring, but after the lockdown started in March life has change in different ways “no working, no socializing with friends, no practicing english with the clientele, no having the english class at the library” and many more things making me depressed and lonely. The Glen Cove Library offered Zoom classes every Monday, I really enjoyed them. More than a month ago, the Glen Cove Librarian’sMaria Fernanda Pardo sent me an invitation to join VOXY the only condition was that I have to make a commitment and work hard with the program. I am very happy because with VOXY I can learn different things like : grammar, spelling, pronunciation, many different topics, etc, etc. I feel very excited and I keep talking about VOXY.

Through programs like Write Her Future, we can continue to empower women through literacy. Learn more about Write Her Future at

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