The Women Writing their own Futures: Soledad’s Story

Write Her Future Institute, Soledad Oviedo
Each woman in the Lancôme Write Her Future Institute has a unique story, but they all share a common goal of improving their English literacy.

Here is the story of an extraordinary woman learning English through Voxy.

These are the words of Soledad Oviedo:
I want to share testimonial about my life experience and how Voxy helping me: I am not working right now, because I fell I have a big limitation: the English language. I really want to learn more and wish to be able to offer my knowledge from the experience obtained in a company where I worked for more than 30 years as Administrative Management. Covid-19 has impacted the world in general and nobody has escaped from it, in that I include myself. Plans that I had such as to make friends, relate to the community, visit and know places of interest among other things only left in my dreams now. Our life has been limited to our houses and outside contact almost doesn’t exist. Now the trend is internet communications. I can say that I am a lucky woman because Voxy appeared in my life. I knew about this program through my ESL teacher and I am eternally grateful for it. Voxy has changed my life. It’s a friendly platform oriented to the new learning tendency (web learning) where besides studying and learning at any time, it allows me to connect again with the outside world. I enjoy every lesson, the content is current, I get more culture, it motivates me to seek more information about that I seen, and the most important or my biggest reward is to improve my skills and be able to communicate fluently with everyone. This is one of my goals in my priority list and I have faith that it will be possible.

Through programs like Write Her Future, we can continue to empower women through literacy. Learn more about Write Her Future at

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