The Women Writing their own Futures: Ilse’s Story

Write Her Future Institute, Ilse Zuno
Each woman in the Lancôme Write Her Future Institute has a unique story, but they all share a common goal of improving their English literacy.

Here is the story of an extraordinary woman learning English through Voxy.

These are the words of Ilse Zuno:
Hello I am Ilse Zuno, I am from Mexico and I have been living in Chicago three years ago. I work as a tester gamer in a Pinball company. This pandemic affected me only in the way of socializing with other people and meeting new people but at the same time it changed my lifestyle. Somehow I spend more time on myself reading, studying, resting and exercising. I am participating in this wonderful program because Anya Enright told us about this amazing opportunity to improve our communication skills. I think Voxy is an excellent program, it impacted my life because now I can practice with personal lessons, it is the perfect way to improve speaking skills. I’m glad to have this opportunity.

Through programs like Write Her Future, we can continue to empower women through literacy. Learn more about Write Her Future at

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