The Women Writing their own Futures: Tatiana’s Story

Write Her Future Institute, Tatiana Baciu
Each woman in the Lancôme Write Her Future Institute has a unique story, but they all share a common goal of improving their English literacy.

Here is the story of an extraordinary woman learning English through Voxy.

These are the words of Tatiana Baciu:
My name is Tatiana Baciu. I dived in a new world for me looking for my place in it. I am in the new world, the world of possibilities and I use all MY possibilities in search of a fulfilling life – where the work is interesting, beneficial, challenging and deservedly appreciated; where the freedom to live personal life is not so burdensome with material concerns. Due the quarantine face-to-face work with children were prohibited. I was laid off and the daycare was locked. I missed my children, my coworkers; and I missed work in general. Fortunately Anya continued to teach us (all in the class) English on-line. We got a great support and encouragement from Anya to continue our learning path in spite of the great social change that affected out lives. Another gift of fate was Anya’s proposal to enroll in Voxy project, which opened free access to high-quality training program. I participate in the Voxy program because it is a great opportunity to improve my English. I need to achieve a higher level of English language in order to realize myself professionally. Voxy program allows me to develop my vocabulary, improve my writing skills, better understand spoken language, and work on my pronunciation. So far, I practice almost every day, so my study is organized and systematic. I can see some results and this inspires me. I have hope, that the single thing that impede me to feel myself professionally realized fades away. Thank you for this project!

Through programs like Write Her Future, we can continue to empower women through literacy. Learn more about Write Her Future at

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