Workforce Atlas Job Spotlight: Computer User Support Specialists
Posted by Jessica Gilmour on September 29, 2020 in categoryFacts & ResearchcategoryMember Tips

In 2017, Pearson, the founding partner of Project Literacy, joined forces with ProLiteracy to develop Workforce Atlas, an online career pathways platform that assesses adults’ literacy, numeracy, workplace skills, and interests.

Workforce Atlas provides information about a job’s description, duties, and skills, as well as the education level and reading and math skills needed to succeed in your career of interest. Once users complete literacy, numeracy, and interest assessments they are given job recommendations, online resources, and local providers who can help them achieve their professional, academic, and personal aspirations.

Workforce Atlas offers a multitude of different career options that are personalized to increase overall effectiveness during the job search. A preview of the information offered on Workforce Atlas about Computer User Support Specialists is highlighted below:


Techs help computer users. They fix problems and answer questions. They work with hardware, software, printers, email, and more. Some help people in person. Others offer help over the phone or online.

Things You Would Do In This Job:

  • Answer questions. Offer help. Fix hardware or software problems.
  • Keep records about data use. Keep track of problems and actions taken. Keep track of updates and software installed.
  • Make sure computers are working right from day to day.

Skills You Will Need for This Occupation:

Skill name:

  • Critical Thinking and Solving Hard Problems
  • Equipment Upkeep and Repairing
  • Reading and Writing

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Percentage of People Who Work in This Occupation:

Did Not Finish High School:

Percentage: 0.35%

High School Diploma or GED:

Percentage: 21.69%

Post-High School Certificate:

Percentage: 11.76%

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