Over $50,000 Raised for the Literacy Relief Fund
Posted by Jessica Gilmour on October 19, 2020 in categoryNewscategoryAdvocacy

We are overwhelmed by the support from participating authors, publishers, and customers of the Great American Book Sale. This sale raised funds for the Literacy Relief Fund, a fund created to provide direct relief to adult literacy programs, tutors, and students in desperate need of training, books, and digital/print curricula needed to continue education remotely.

ProLiteracy raised over $50,000 for the Literacy Relief Fund through the Great American Book Sale. This could not have been possible without the generous match and donation from the Nora Roberts Foundation. With this money ProLiteracy will be able to equip approximately 18 more adult literacy programs with the digital and print learning materials needed to continue education from a distance. On average, 25 students are impacted through each grant given through the Literacy Relief Fund.

“What can we say about the importance of literacy? If you’re reading this, you already know the vital role literacy plays in our lives.  Like us, you believe literacy is a human right. The ability to read helps people find jobs, find purpose, gives them agency in their lives. Reading for necessity or for sheer pleasure can open minds and hearts to all the world has to offer.  Students who become more literate begin an incredible journey toward independence. Those students, along with the teachers and organizations who support and walk with them, create a more informed, more humane, more imaginative, more beautiful world.

The Nora Roberts Foundation appreciates the opportunity to support ProLiteracy’s Great American Book Sale and help raise funds for adult literacy.  We’re offering a match of up to $50,000 for funds raised during this event.  Thanks to all for providing the opportunity for others to share in the joy of reading. More thanks to the authors, publishers, and contributors for their support and belief in the importance of this issue. And most of all, thanks to the literacy organizations, the staff, teachers, volunteers, and students, who through this difficult time, continue to learn and connect, improving their lives and the lives of others.”

The Nora Roberts Foundation Board


We cannot begin to express our gratitude to the authors and publishers for their kind donations of signed books, outreach to their communities, and the countless social media posts promoting the sale. We want to thank the customers who purchased a book/books or placed a bid, your purchases will directly impact adult literacy programs, tutors, and students across the country.

Keep a look out for social media posts to stay updated on the Literacy Relief Fund and what YOU can do to help!

By making a donation to the Literacy Relief Fund today, YOU can help learners continue their education.


Make a Donation to the Literacy Relief Fund


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