An Interview with Sarah Kith, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor of the Library of Congress
Posted by Jessica Gilmour on November 13, 2020 in categoryFacts & ResearchcategoryStories from the FieldcategoryMember Tips


Lara Pimentel, senior director of Development at ProLiteracy interviews Sarah Kith, diversity and inclusion advisor at the Library of Congress, to further understand, explore, and advance efforts around diversity, inclusion, equity, and equality in the workplace. In this blogcast, Pimentel and Kith discuss different ways to implement positive change and uncover biases and introduce tools for initiating difficult conversations.

Pimentel and Kith discussed techniques for conducting difficult conversations around diversity, inclusion, equity, and equality.

“The technique of really taking a pause, literally pausing and slowing down. Being aware of what is happening for you in the moment and what is happening for me in the moment. A willingness to be curious and to listen deeply from a place of, “Where is this person coming from? What are they trying to communicate? What are they trying to share?” So there is the practice of empathy, which are skills where we cultivate a sense of curiosity in a growth mindset of wanting to learn, and wanting to understand, where this person is coming from.”

—Sarah Kith

To learn more about diversity and inclusion, watch the video at the link above.



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