From the CEO’s Desk: An Interview with Paul Jurmo
Posted by Laura McLoughlin on January 21, 2021 in categoryFacts & ResearchcategoryCEO DeskcategoryMember Tips

ProLiteracy CEO and President Kevin Morgan and Paul Jurmo, Ed.D., met recently over Zoom to discuss Jurmo’s research article “Ten Actions to Build an Adult Basic Skills Development System That Is More Inclusive, Relevant, Efficient, and Sustained,” which is featured in Volume 2, Issue 2 of ProLiteracy’s research journal Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy. 



During their conversation, Morgan and Jurmo talk about four of the ten recommendations: 

  • Take a comprehensive view of “basic skills” 
  • Expand when, where, and how leaners can develop basic skills 
  • Sustain effective services 
  • Redefine those we serve and how basic skills limitations can impact them 



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