Four Tips to Soar as an Executive Director
Posted by Laura McLoughlin on March 01, 2021 in categoryMember Tips

Are you new to the executive director role and still trying to find your footing during the pandemic? Or maybe you’re not new, but realize there’s still more you could learn. ProLiteracy’s  online management and leadership training can help virtually anyone in a leadership role in any type of organization develop or brush up on the knowledge, skills, and decision-making abilities you need to be successful.  

Here, four course participants elaborate on how these courses helped them improve their performance within their organizations.  

Financial Management Tip: Understand the financial reports you need to provide your board before each meeting. 

The course identifies the four reports board members expect to see, show how to create them, and provide examples.  

“The Financial Management courses gave me a sense of agency. I could make recommendations to the board that I was confident about.” 

Tenney Hammond, program coordinator, The Butte Literacy Program 

Administrative Management Tip: Understand why you should spend time developing procedure manuals and how to do it. 

People leave and others forget. This course shows you how to document the real procedures of your organization so it can continue to run smoothly as people leave and new people come on.  

“When I came on board, the procedures manuals we had were skeletal at best. The Administrative Management course helped me flesh them out.”  

—Heather Power, executive director, Twin Lakes Literacy Council 

Human Resources Tip: Create a clear onboarding process for new staff. 

Your organization’s greatest strength is the staff that execute the mission. This course shows you how to make sure new staff hit the ground running and stay committed to your organization.  

“We had a lot of turnover with COVID. The Human Resource management courses helped me create a welcoming onboarding process for new employees.”  

Adrienne Santiago, executive director, Northern Nevada Literacy Council 

Board Governance Tip: Re-engage your board. 

It’s not uncommon for a new executive director to find their board is disengaged from the organization. This course covers how to re-engage existing board members and identify new recruits to create a board of directors that is committed to the health, stability, and longevity of your organization.  

“The board was never really asked to be engaged. The board member self-assessment in the Board Governance course helped board members identify what they wanted their role to be. We were able to recognize the contributions of members who wanted to move on, re-engage members who wanted to remain active, and recruit new board members.”  

—Lilly Barrett, Executive Director, Walworth County Literacy Council 

Learn more about these courses that can affordably create a fresh outlook for any organization here.   



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