Review of Preparing Adult English Language Learners to Write for College and the Workplace
Posted by Laura McLoughlin on April 08, 2021 in categoryFacts & Research

In the current issue of Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy, University of Delaware’s Charles A. MacArthur reviews the book Preparing Adult English Learners to Write for College and the Workplace. 

MacArthur notes that despite limited research in the area of writing instruction for ELLs and adult learners, the authors of the book provide a valuable resource with sound instructional recommendations. 

Read an excerpt of MacArthur’s review here: 

The editors have substantial research and practical experience in adult education, and they have recruited chapter authors with practical experience working with adult ELLs on writing. One of the challenges for the book is that limited research has addressed writing instruction for adult ELLs or for adult learners in general. The limited emphasis on writing presents a challenge but, at the same time, increases the relevance of the book. The authors base their instructional recommendations on professional practice, available research, and general principles of adult education and literacy research.  

The chapters are designed to provide practical advice and support for teaching writing. Each of the 10 chapters describes an instructional approach, and most of them provide detailed support in the form of lesson outlines, materials, additional resources, and questions for self-study and application. 

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