Include Adult Learners in Your Future Plans
Posted by Laura McLoughlin on September 02, 2021 in categoryAdvocacy


ProLiteracy needs generous forward-thinking friends like you to support our mission and create brighter futures for adult learners.

With literacy, adults can improve their economic circumstances to provide for themselves and their families. With literacy, their family relationships can grow to include reading together.   

Through planned giving, you can ensure ProLiteracy has the means to help adults change course and improve their lives, while also having the peace of mind that your future is planned. 

Imagine a personal philanthropic legacy that will allow ProLiteracy to sustain our mission to change lives through literacy. ProLiteracy simply could not exist but for planned giving investments. 

Many people like you leave a charitable gift to organizations like ProLiteracy in their wills as a way to continue supporting the causes that are important in their lives. Please contact me, Wallace Barkins Jr., at 1-888-926-7323 or for assistance. 

Photo credit: Meet Chevy, the puppy that’s often wandering around the ProLiteracy office brightening our days as we work to achieve brighter futures through adult literacy. 



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Research proves the correlation between obtaining literacy skills and the return on investment related to improving an adult’s life and future.

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