Review of Teaching the Skills That Matter
Posted by Laura McLoughlin on December 01, 2021 in categoryFacts & Research

From the current issue of Adult Literacy Education, Kathy Olesen-Tracey from the Illinois Community College Board reviewed the OCTAE-funded professional development resource Teaching the Skills That Matter. 

In the review, Olesen-Tracey elaborates on the training provided in the Teaching the Skills that Matter Toolkit, which provides models to teach highly relevant content areas. The toolkit provides a more enhanced way of teaching for adult educators, according to Olesen-Tracey 

Read an excerpt from the review here:  

The well-designed lesson plans in the TSTM Toolkit feature content that is highly relevant and engaging to adult learners. For instance, the civics education section of the toolkit includes a lesson plan on "First Amendment Rights" with a partner reading activity on the Montgomery Bus Boycott and Martin Luther King Jr.’s use of nonviolence. Another lesson plan is on the Flint water crisis. Equally rich content in the digital literacy section includes lessons on workplace safety and the appropriate use of social media. The financial literacy section provides background knowledge on purchasing a car and managing a budget while the lessons in the health literacy section engage learners in defining good health and critiquing health information on the internet. These lesson plans build knowledge and skills in the social sciences while also supporting and enhancing learners’ digital literacy skills. Each of the lesson plans model best practices and provide guidance on developing future lessons at the local level. 

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