Adult Literacy By the Numbers
Posted by Laura McLoughlin on January 13, 2022 in categoryStories from the FieldcategoryNewscategoryAdvocacy

Each year, we ask our member programs to submit data so we can compile the Annual Statistical Report, which gives a snapshot of the current trends within the adult literacy field. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic wore on, it’s no surprise that distance learning in some form dominated the way instruction was provided for 88% of programs. This past year, programs also continued to adapt to the various ways of offering distance learning, including reaching students through virtual classrooms, email, or text messaging, and even by delivering materials directly to students’ homes. 

Yet, despite the challenges, it was good to see the percent of programs with waiting lists continued to decline during the 2020–2021 Fiscal Year. 

Some highlights from this year’s report include: 

  • 13,508 students increased their involvement in their children’s educational activities 
  • 13,161 new tutors/instructors were trained 
  • 69% of new tutors received training online 
  • 42% of students are Hispanic/Latinx 
  • 22% of programs’ funding came from the federal government, accounting for the largest share of program funding from one source 
  • 41% of programs received federal funding 

Thank you to the programs who provided data, despite the circumstances. The Annual Statistical Report is a valuable, easy-to-read infographic that quickly tells the story of adult literacy nationwide. This information is critical to advocacy, fundraising, and public relation efforts. Our Advocacy Toolkit can help you use the report to raise awareness on a local and national level. 

But you may just also want to use the data to see how your program compares to others. Say, for instance, that your program has yet to embrace using social media to recruit students. You might reconsider your approach after noticing that 47% of programs do. 

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