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Even before the pandemic sent classes remote in March 2020, the push toward using digital instructional platforms for blended learning had begun. 

As outlined in the New Readers Press Blended Learning Guide, written by adult education thought leaders David J. Rosen and Jen Vanek, blended learning offers a way to better serve learners by using digital and online resources to enhance and fill gaps in the instruction offered in class.  

In addition, by regularly integrating technology into the classroom, students’ digital literacy skills increase, preparing them to interact in computer-based daily activities and job functions. 

In the ProLiteracy research brief Digital Literacy and Technology Integration in Adult Basic Skills Education: A Review of the Research, also authored by Vanek, she points out that the benefit of bringing technology to the classroom is twofold.  

“Beyond supporting the development of digital literacy, integrating technologies with instruction (and resources accessed through them) can enrich and extend learning activities.” 

With the research supporting the success of blended learning and digital learning platforms in mind, New Readers Press created its New Readers Press Online Learning platform. 

While the platform can be used to extend instruction outside of class, its content is rich enough that it can stand on its own as the primary source of instruction. This was crucial when programs had to scramble to continue instruction when the pandemic shut down in-person learning.  

As adult literacy programs are making their way back to in-person instruction, the reliance on new digital options hasn’t slowed down. Programs have realized over the past two and a half years that by utilizing technology they have been able to reach learners on waiting lists or those who previously faced barriers to attending class in person. Students’ as well as instructors’ comfort levels and abilities using technology have increased. 

To help programs continue to offer new digital courses, New Readers Press Online Learning expanded its library beyond pre-HSE and HSE test prep to include online instruction for reading, language, or math at TABE levels E, M, D, and A. Using digital courses gives instructors the ability to simultaneously provide instruction to students at each TABE level, something that was far more difficult in a traditional classroom setting. 

The TABE Online Learning courses are easy to use and interactive, which, to Vanek's point, enrich and extend academic instruction while building digital literacy and confidence.  


Learn more about TABE Online Learning and request a free trial: 

New Readers Press is the publishing division of ProLiteracy. ProLiteracy has a wide range of research dedicated to digital instruction, including an entirely technology-focused issue of its research journal Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy. Browse the issue here:  



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