Join our Secret Lives of Americans Premiere Twitter Party
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Join ProLiteracy's Secret Lives of Americans Twitter Party

ProLiteracy has been working with Participant Media on the adult literacy episode of Secret Lives of Americans for months, contributing resources and statistics and helping to find an adult learner who was willing to share her literacy journey, struggles, and triumphs.

We’re excited for the episode premiere and invite you to participate in our Premiere Twitter Party. The “virtual” party starts at 10 p.m. EST on June 3, and you can attend right from your home! Simply watch Cleo’s episode on Pivot TV or stream it from the website, and log on to Twitter to attend. Use the hashtag #SecretLives to tweet your thoughts during the episode and follow along as others also tweet their reactions. ProLiteracy will be joining the party and tweeting behind-the-scenes accounts of our role in the episode, insights about the adult literacy issue, and more.

Here’s a handy, step-by-step guide on how to participate:

  1. Log in to Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter account, make one.

  2. Follow @ProLitWorld. We’ll be tweeting questions, facts, reactions, and more and it’ll be easier to catch them if you follow us.

  3. At 10 p.m. EST, search for the hashtag #SecretLives in the Twitter search bar. This will display all of the tweets that have the hashtag and there will be links across the top of the Twitter feed. If you click the link that says “Top,” you’ll see a feed of the top-rated tweets. If you click the link that says “Live,” you’ll see a live feed of the tweets as they are being tweeted.

  4. If you prefer, you can use a tool like TweetChat to help you manage the chat stream. Just log in to TweetChat using your Twitter account and insert the hashtag #SecretLives. It will filter all the tweets for you and allow you to pause or control the speed of the feed. It will also automatically append the hashtag to the end of every tweet you send through the platform so you don’t have to type it every time.

  5. Tweet away! Use the hashtag #SecretLives so that others participating can see what you are contributing to the conversation.

Are you as excited as we are? Let us know in the comments! 

See you at the Twitter party!


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