Watch Cleo Reveal Her Adult Literacy Secret
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Watch Cleo Reveal Her Adult Literacy Secret on Pivot TV

Meet Cleo. She’s a role model for her family, but she has a secret that’s holding her back: She never learned to read.

ProLiteracy has been working with the TV show Secret Lives of Americans to help Cleo tell her story. Secret Lives of Americans is a groundbreaking documentary series that takes an unflinching look at the secrets people keep and the strength that it takes to reveal them to friends and family. In the adult literacy episode, Cleo will reveal her long-held secret to her family. The show will further the conversation on how viewers are impacted by the adult literacy issue in their own communities and provide ways to take action.

We encourage you to watch the episode and start a conversation in your community. Here are the ways you can view the episode: 
  • Watch the premiere on Friday, June 3 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the cable network Pivot TV. Click here to see if you receive Pivot TV in your area. 
  • Watch a recording of the episode online. Pivot TV will upload the episode to its website the day of the premiere. 

Join ProLiteracy in changing the conversation about adult learners by taking the pledge to help improve lives through literacy.
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We hope you will watch. Don’t forget to join our Premiere Twitter Party at 10 p.m. EST on June 3—you can follow along with the hashtag #SecretLives.


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