Senator Ted Cruz Responds to ProLiteracy
Posted by Peter Waite on June 23, 2016 in categoryNewscategoryAdvocacy

Senator Ted Cruz Responds to ProLiteracy

ProLiteracy is pleased that we did receive a response from Senator Ted Cruz to our Presidential Survey this past week. Although he had already dropped out of the presidential race and took six months to respond to our letter, it is always better late than never!

Here is his response to our survey:

Dear Mr. Waite,

Thank you for writing to my office seeking my help as an advocate for those in our nation who are illiterate. You obviously represent an organization that is helping people who have fallen through the cracks of our educational system. I will investigate the issues that have caused this situation and seek to help local entities address it. I believe that closing the federal Department of Education and moving control closer to the people being served will go a long way toward reducing illiteracy.

This campaign is about you and those who follow after you. I will do all in my power to ensure that our nation stays free and prosperous for every citizen. With millions of courageous Conservatives united behind my campaign we can restore our country to greatness. I encourage you to tell your friends and neighbors about all my policies to restore our nation as found at and then ensure they go to the polls to make their voices heard on election day!

For Liberty,
Senator Ted Cruz

His willingness to look into the issue and to discuss local solutions would have been welcomed by our programs and national colleagues nationwide. The suggested solution of abolishing the Department of Education, however, is not a position that either ProLiteracy or most of our national partners endorse. Our experience to date suggests that a real solution to this educational crisis is a collaborative effort between national, state, and local entities working together to increase resources. We welcome other thoughts on solutions from the field as well as from the remaining candidates.

To keep informed of ProLiteracy's advocacy efforts or to help the cause by contacting your own representatives and government officials, take the pledge and become an advocate.


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