Women See Success Using Arabic Language Reading Instruction

A few years ago, ProLiteracy considered how it could combat the major issue of low literacy in the Arab world. In particular, women in this region of the world have the lowest literacy rates among women anywhere. There’s a number of reasons that 26 percent of women in the Arab world cannot read, including poverty, social and cultural norms that favor men, arranged marriages, and generational illiteracy, all of which could be addressed by teaching women to read and write. 

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Why Volunteer with Adult Literacy Students?
Posted by Laura McLoughlin on April 19, 2021 in categoryStories from the FieldcategoryNews

It's National Volunteer Week! In the adult education field, we are lucky to have volunteers who are deeply committed toand find joy inteaching adults to read, write, speak English, and become active members of their communities. How did we get so lucky?

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Day of Reflection: How We Are Still Building Better Lives in Rwanda

Today, on the International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda, we reflect on our partnership with SEVOTA and how we have been able to be a part of improving lives of Rwandans through literacy. 

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The Most Accessible Place in Your Community for, Well, Most Anything
Posted by Laura McLoughlin on April 06, 2021 in categoryStories from the FieldcategoryNews

In a world where not much is free, there aren't many places like the library. It’s National Library Week, so it seems appropriate to celebrate what libraries offer to their communitiesincluding adult learners! 

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Two Sisters Celebrate Passing U.S. Citizenship Test on the Same Day
Posted by Laura McLoughlin on March 19, 2021 in categoryStudent Stories categoryStories from the Field

In Madison, Wisconsin, there are two sisters from Tibet who wanted to become American citizens. 

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