Estudiante de la iniciativa Write Her Future México constata que con la alfabetización, muchas cosas son posibles

En septiembre de 2020, ProLiteracy y Lancôme se propusieron identificar a mujeres de regiones de alta marginación en México y buscar su empoderamiento a través de un programa educativo bajo el marco de la iniciativa Write Her Future. 

In September 2020, ProLiteracy and Lancôme Mexico set out to reach women in marginalized regions of Mexico and empower them with education through the Write Her Future initiative 

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Why a Dairy Company Invested in English Language Learning Software
Posted by Laura McLoughlin on January 05, 2021 in categoryStudent Stories categoryStories from the FieldcategoryNews

At Byrne Dairy’s Syracuse Cold Storage facility, in Syracuse, New York, managers were having a difficult time effectively communicating with non-English speaking employees. While the company provides important information and trainings in both English and Spanish, it wanted to give its employees the opportunity to overcome these language barriers to do more. 

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The Women Writing their own Futures: Guilda’s Story
Write Her Future Institute, Guilda Castro
These are the words of Guilda Castro:
Hi my name is Guilda Castro a 45 years old Ecuatorian housewife living in the U.S for the last 4 years with my 3 boys and husband and I working at a school cleaning and disinfecting the rooms due to the quarantine, I love my job because…

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The Women Writing their own Futures: Tatiana’s Story
Write Her Future Institute, Tatiana Baciu
These are the words of Tatiana Baciu:
My name is Tatiana Baciu. I dived in a new world for me looking for my place in it. I am in the new world, the world of possibilities and…

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The Women Writing their own Futures: Ilse’s Story
Write Her Future Institute, Ilse Zuno
These are the words of Ilse Zuno:
Hello I am Ilse Zuno, I am from Mexico and I have been living in Chicago three years ago. I work as a tester gamer in a Pinball company. This pandemic affected me…

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