Important Supreme Court Ruling on Census 2020
Posted by Michele Diecuch on July 01, 2019 in categoryStories from the FieldcategoryNewscategoryAdvocacy
Important Supreme Court Ruling on Census 2020

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump administration’s proposal to add a question to the 2020 Census about an individual’s citizenship status is unconstitutional. The Court has asked the Department of Commerce for further justification. Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. wrote that agencies must offer “genuine justifications for important decisions …” and that “accepting contrived reasons would defeat the purpose of the enterprise.”

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Lifelong Educator Teaches English at 87

Adult literacy tutor and student

When Joyce Hartman was 21 years old and attending San Diego State University, she traveled to Japan to teach English to local teens. That was the beginning of her quest to continue helping people and teaching English as a second language to adult immigrants in the U.S. And she continues her quest today, at age 87.

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Newly proposed immigration "public charge" rule would harm immigrant workers and US businesses
Posted by Jennifer Vecchiarelli on June 18, 2019 in categoryStories from the FieldcategoryNewscategoryAdvocacy
Newly proposed immigration 'public charge' rule would harm immigrant workers and US businesses

Under this new "public charge" rule, immigration officials could deny green cards or visa changes for individuals who get any of a number of public benefits or are deemed likely to receive benefits in the future.

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Get Ready and Teach: 7 Tips

A good start is critical for teaching and learning. There are many benefits for setting goals to start off a semester of study. What changes are rocking your adult literacy classroom world? Literacy programs provide many services, and helping adult learners with achieving personal goals is one of many tasks.

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A Pilot on How to Help Adult Struggling Readers

The goal of this pilot study was to investigate the effects of morphological instruction on component literacy skills of adult struggling readers.

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