Incredible Savings on Zoom Licenses

Social distancing is still the order of the day. 

Your solution to staying connected starts here. 


Whatever your association with the adult literacy field – as an employee, volunteer, or supporter, we can set you up with an inexpensive Zoom license in no time. 



$8 a mo. per user – Members (Individual & Organizational) 

$11 a mo. per user – Non-Members 


What’s included with each license: 

  • one 500-seat meeting space 
  • one 500-seat webinar space 
  • access to reports 
  • access to meeting and webinar recordings 
  • meeting and webinar features like screen share, whiteboard, breakout rooms, polling, etc. 


The fine print:

  • Zoom licenses must be purchased directly through ProLiteracy to receive this special pricing. 
  • Our Zoom licenses are available for the period September 1, 2020 – August 31, 2021. Subscription periods will be prorated based on when you sign up. For example, if you purchase your licenses any day in April 2021, your subscription will run through August 31, 2021 and will cost $8 or $11 per license for each of the next 5 months. 
  • You can purchase as many licenses as you need but each license must be associated with a full name and unique email address. You will need to supply this information when you sign up.  


Ready to sign up? 

Based on your member status, click the appropriate button on the right to purchase licenses. Members should be prepared with their member numbers.  


Already have a Zoom account? Switching is easy! When you complete the online form, make sure you use the same full name(s) and email addresses(s) associated with your existing account(s). Zoom will automatically transfer your account over, including any recordings, and cancel your existing contract and refund any balance due. 

Questions? Contact zoomsupport@proliteracy.org. 


Yes, this is a regular paid subscription. Each license includes:

• 1 meeting license that can accommodate up to 500 participants
• 1 webinar license that can accommodate up to 500 participants
• Meeting and webinar recording
• Meeting and webinar features including screen share, whiteboard, breakout rooms, polling, etc.
• Reporting

When you sign up for a license, your license begins on the month you sign up and ends on August 31, 2021. You can then choose to renew your license or not. You can cancel your license any time and get a refund.

Yes. Our Zoom licenses are available for the period September 1, 2020 – August 31, 2021. Your subscription will commence in the month of purchase and automatically run to the end of our subscription period August 31, 2021. Your rate will be based on the number of licenses you purchase and the number of months remaining in the period.

Yes, you may cancel some or all of your licenses at any time. If you cancel, the licenses you cancel will be active through the end of the month you cancel. You will be refunded for the remaining months on the licenses you canceled. Read our refund policy below.

Yes. If you need to reassign a license, simply email zoomsupport@proliteracy.org and let us know the email address of the license you are reassigning, and the new email address to assign it to.

No, this is not a one-time offer. We plan to continue to offering this service to the field. However, we will be evaluating the success of this offer, and we reserve the right to make adjustments to the program in the future.

Yes. Programs structure their use in different ways. One program may purchase a license for each staff member. Another program may purchase a license for each daily classroom or tutoring slot. For example, if you operate three morning classes on Monday, three different morning classes on Tuesday, and three more morning classes on Wednesday; you might purchase three licenses for the morning classes. Your Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday tutors may use the same Zoom license.

Fortunately, Zoom is easy to use. Zoom has great videos and "how to use" instructions on their website. Also, check out this webinar where a Zoom representative shows tutors and teachers how they can use different Zoom features to deliver instruction to students.

Yes, ProLiteracy will have access to your data. However, ProLiteracy will not use individual data (participant names or contact information, for example) in any way. We will collect more general data, such as the total number of sessions scheduled each week, the number of participants attending, and the number of hours in session.

Refund & Privacy Policy

Click here to view the policy.