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"The English as a Second Language (ESL) In-Home Program of Northern Nevada was created in 2004 in Carson City, Nevada and established as a 501(c) (3) organization in 2008, to increase literacy in low to middle income bracket adults, especially those who speak English as a second language to improve the lives of those who struggle with literacy issues within their family, workplace, and community. 

This program is unique in that it offers a "lifeline" to adults who are unable to attend formal classroom settings due to physical disabilities, limited or no transportation, lack of funds for childcare, job constraints, or intimidation. Community volunteers teach one-on-one basis or in small groups of from 2 to 5, providing the opportunity for the student to progress at a faster pace by giving personalized attention. The program exists in five counties of Northern Nevada: Carson, Washoe, Douglas, Lyon, and Churchill Counties."





In June 2016, Ana C. and her young son came to the United States from Central America, settling in Carson City, NV. She came with no knowledge of the English language and hearing about the ESL In-Home Program from her neighbors, she immediately called the director and expressed her dedication, urgency, and motivation in learning the language of her new country. We found her a tutor who had a good deal of patience and understanding of what it is to be an immigrant. Ana progressed very rapidly because she was determined to complete her homework assignments and practice what she knew in English on a daily basis.

Six months after starting with an ESL tutor, her son became ill. Ana asked her neighbor to stay with him while she ran to the pharmacy. Ana spoke to the pharmacist, explaining the symptoms her son was having, asking what she should do. The pharmacist directed her to which aisle in the store to go to and what medicine she should look for. She located the aisle she was directed to, looked at all the cold medications and finally found the name of the one the pharmacist had suggested. After purchasing it, she went as fast as she could back home.

Ana thanked her neighbor who then left. Ana read the directions on the product and administered the correct dosage to her son. She picked up her son’s favorite story book, which she read to him in English until he fell asleep.

(Isn’t this what any mother would like to do? The ESL In-Home Program makes this possible.)

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