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"MICA, INC is a humanitarian, non-political and non-profit organization serving women and children. The focus of MICA is empowering women through entrepreneurship, literacy, education, training, income-generating activities and agriculture.

The activities of the NGO MICA revolve around the following points:

  • Women's Literacy Program: Helped 600+ women
  • Microcredit (financing program): Helped 1,680+ rural women
  • Promotion of the agricultural sector:  70 women involved
  • Environmental protection
  • Women's entrepreneurship: 903 women trained
  • Girls' schooling: Helped 803 girls
  • Cultural exchange and training trip"

Website: MICA Facebook Page



Habi Mani is a peanut seller who lives in Kontagora, a village about 18 km from Maradi, Niger republic. She is 23 years old and married with two children. Like many of her peers, she got married at the age of 12 and didn’t have the opportunity to receive a formal education due to poverty and social prejudices.

She heard about MICA adult literacy program in the village from her friend Aicha, who is already a participant. After her conversation with Aicha, Habi immediately enrolled in our literacy program with hopes of finally learning to read and write in "Hausa" language..

Married, busy with household and field work, selling peanut and carrying her two children, after six months in the ambulant and mobile program, Habi can now identify the Alphabet, form 2-3 letters words, write her name recharge and dial her phone numbers. She says, “MICA literacy program is a blessing to me. I never knew I could someday write my own name. This alone is a huge miracle for me.” Aicha has now gained self-confidence and made the commitment that her two daughters will attend school and hope that one day she can help them doing their homework.

“My trainer has been very supportive, she laughed at me sometimes because I make a lot of mistakes. But she corrects me and help me to write or pronounce the words correctly. I wish I knew there was such a life changing program long ago. It would have been perfect and be on the same page with my children. All the same, I’m very much grateful for this wonderful opportunity.” Habi says as she smiles. “Thank you very much MICA and its partners

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