Dr. Robert S. Laubach Publishing & Innovation Fund

Honoring the Past While Looking to the Future

Dr. Bob witnessed how the power of learning to read and write could change the lives of adults and their communities. When he saw the lack of reading materials for new readers, he took steps to develop easy-to-read literacy resources for them to use. He left behind a powerful legacy that includes News for You®, the weekly newspaper for adults learning to read, and of New Readers Press, ProLiteracy’s publishing division. His signature training materials, supplemental reading, and the writing curricula continue to be mainstays for literacy organizations across the country and throughout the world.

To honor Dr. Bob’s work, ProLiteracy is establishing the Dr. Robert S. Laubach Publishing & Innovation Fund. This non-endowed, project-based fund will support the development of innovative materials for adults learning to read, much like Dr. Bob did over 50 years ago when he created News for You®.

“The establishment of the Robert S. Laubach Publishing and Innovation Fund is a significant new step to ensure that New Readers Press can continue to introduce new products as fast as it can finance them. No other publishing source provides the breadth and scope of reading and viewing materials for adult new readers.”

—Robert Wedgeworth, PhD, former ProLiteracy president & CEO

We invite you to consider a donation to honor Dr. Bob’s legacy.