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Congratulate a Graduate

A Graduation Gift that Gives Back

An education is a gift that opens doors to jobs, provides a gateway to a better quality of life, and never loses value. Celebrate your graduate by “paying it backward” and making a life-changing donation in his or her name to the National Book Fund. A gift of $125 will provide 15 adults with textbooks and workbooks they need to transform their lives.

For 20 years, ProLiteracy has distributed more than $3 million worth of New Readers Press educational materials through the National Book Fund to literacy organizations around the country, giving 350,000 adults and youth the valuable gift of an education.

Together we can grow more graduates and create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


National Book Fund

View the infographic to see the impact that has been made by the support of the National Book Fund.

2018-04_NBF Mailer_Infographic_web