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At the ProLiteracy Conference on Adult Literacy, awards will be presented to recognize those who are making a difference in the adult literacy field.

We hope you will nominate a worthy individual or program for one of the following:

  • Ruth J. Colvin and Frank C. Laubach Award for Excellence in Community-based Adult Literacy
    Recognizes outstanding tutor, trainer, teacher, volunteer, or program administrator*
  • Ruth J. Colvin and Frank C. Laubach Award for Adult Learner Excellence
    Recognizes an outstanding adult learner*
  • Award for Program Innovation and Collaboration
    Recognizes accomplishments resulting from a collaboration between different types of organizations*

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  • Dollar General Student of the Year Award
    Recognizes an outstanding adult learner*

* These are very brief descriptions. Please see the online forms for full eligibility requirements.

Prize packages vary for each award but all include a commemorative gift, a free conference registration for the winner, and a financial award to defray the winner’s conference attendance costs. Winners are expected to attend the Conference so they can be recognized at a luncheon on Friday, Sept. 27.


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The nomination process is now completely online. In order to submit a nomination, you need to have an account. You may already have an account if you submitted an application for the National Book Fund or proposal for Conference programming this year since the awards process uses the same platform. You may use the same account to submit an award nomination. Follow the instructions below based on your situation.

Create Account

Create a free account by completing this form. In the field that requests your EIN/Tax ID number you may simply enter NA. All the other fields should be self-explanatory.

Have Account

On the logon page, enter your email address and password to gain entry. You may select the “Forgot your Password” option if needed.

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Once you have gained access to the system, you will land on the “Apply” page. Scroll down the page until you locate your chosen award and hit the blue “Apply” button in the top-right hand corner across from the name of the award. You may preview the form by hitting the “Preview” button in the bottom left-hand corner below the award description. You may even print out a copy of the form to complete manually but only to use as a guide when completing the form electronically. Only electronic nominations will be accepted.


If you have questions about any of these awards, please contact ProLiteracy Membership Manager Michelle L. Smith at msmith@proliteracy.org.