Gain National Recognition as a Certified Trainer

A Collaborative Program

Adult literacy professionals who are Certified Trainers become part of a national network of trainers, giving them access to ongoing development opportunities and a variety of resources, including online courses, practical training tips from the field, and a lively listserv community where trainers can connect, share advice, and solve problems together. It’s all part of our mission to help build the skills and knowledge of trainers throughout the United States, so we can improve the quality of instruction for adult learners everywhere. 

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Three Components of Trainer Certification:

  1. Be endorsed by a local or state literacy program.
  2. Pass an exam in foundational concepts of adult education and either basic literacy or English as another language (ESOL) instruction.
  3. Be observed and evaluated by a representative from the local program while conducting a workshop.

Trainer Certification lasts for four years and costs $80 for members ($205 for non-members).

Download our Trainer Certification Manual to see detailed steps for becoming a Certified Trainer.

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