ProLiteracy International Program, China




Adult Learners Being Reached (200 women, 0 men) 



Literacy Classes/Communities

Self-reliance, rural economic development, poverty elimination, and advanced agricultural technology are a few of the areas that the Beijing Cultural Development Center for Rural Women (BCDCRW) promotes in order to advance the status of rural women and help them improve their quality of life. With ProLiteracy’s support, BCDCRW has implemented an ambitious literacy effort to allow women in numerous counties within four provinces to gain access to basic education. This education forms the basis of projects relating to agriculture, health, and micro-enterprise.

"After being involved in the [literacy] program many women feel a sense of accomplishment for what they have achieved. Many women are able to start their own businesses, or increase their farm production, and they are more confident and feel comfortable to participate in public society."

-Wu Qing, Director, Beijing Cultural Development Center for Rural Women