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AMJUPRE is a grassroots non-profit organization that has been working to promote the rights of indigenous women in Ecuador since 2003. Indigenous women living in rural areas are often the most marginalized within their communities and have limited access to jobs, education, or leadership roles. AMJUPRE provides training and capacity building for local political councils, and focuses on empowering rural women by bringing them together to organize anti violence campaigns, and have a unified voice to bring visibility and awareness about the issues they face. AMJUPRE currently has 450 member programs within Ecuador and has helped create a Latin American network to allow indigenous, rural women to seek solidarity with other women around the world in the fight against exploitation and social injustice.

"Education has helped me, my family, and my community. I can now understand how to defend my rights as a woman, mother, and leader."

- Learner, Amjupre

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