Featured Projects

  • The Women’s Literacy and Reproductive Health Program in Egypt is using literacy to raise community awareness about sexuality and reproductive health with 250 mothers and 800 girls. In a culture where traditional practices like FGM are still common, literacy classes create a space to discuss health topics that are typically taboo and not openly discussed. Our local partner, Anba Moussa Association (ANBA), will also build the capacity of field practitioners involved in reproductive health education in old Cairo’s poorest neighborhoods. Make a  donation to support this project.

  • The Literacy Program for domestic workers in Medellin, Colombia is empowering low-literate women who work as domestic workers with basic literacy skills. Many come to Medellin from indigenous communities with limited access to education in search of employment. ProLiteracy is working with our partner, Fundación Para el Bienestar Humano, which runs family education programs to strengthen family and community relationships and provide people with tools to address economic, social, and political marginalization. Make a  donation to support this project.

  • The African Women’s Health Literacy Program is a three-year health literacy program that ProLiteracy and three African non-governmental organizations implemented with support from the West Foundation.
    • In Year 1, the content was developed with Imani House International (IHI) and focused on women’s health issues local to Liberia: improving health and hygiene in the home, addressing existing diseases that Liberian women are facing (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Ebola, etc.), and nutrition.
    • Year 2 is focused on the health needs of women in South Africa and is being implemented by our partner Connect Network in the township of Khayelitsha, in Cape Town. The two topics include: women’s health (reproductive system, menstruation, etc. ) and children’s health (body pride, feelings, child abuse, etc).
    • Year 3 will be implemented with our partner SEVOTA in Rwanda.

      At the end of the project, ProLiteracy will work with the in-country partners to share the materials developed. Make a  donation to support this project.

  • The Dr. Robert S. Laubach Publishing & Innovation Fund was established to honor Dr. Bob, who witnessed how the power of learning to read and write could change the lives of adults and their communities. When he saw the lack of reading materials for new readers, he took steps to develop easy-to-read literacy resources for them. He left behind a powerful legacy that includes News for You®, the weekly newspaper for adults learning to read, and New Readers Press, ProLiteracy’s publishing division. His signature training materials, supplemental reading, and the writing curricula continue to be mainstays for literacy organizations across the country and throughout the world. To honor Dr. Bob’s work, the Dr. Robert S. Laubach Publishing & Innovation Fund will support the development of innovative materials for adults learning to read, much like Dr. Bob did over 50 years ago when he created News for You. Make a donation to support this project.