Adult Learners Being Reached

(414 women, 316 men) 



Literacy Classes/Communities

AyitiKonseVet (AKV) in Creole means “keep Haiti green”. AKV focuses their efforts on education and environmental conservation through a training program for rural Haitian farmers in the north and northwest regions of Haiti. Their mission is "to provide an opportunity for rural Haitians to understand how they themselves can produce adequate nutritious food for their families and thus support their own local community economy, and to restore respect and social value to farming as a worthy and successful occupation." AKV offers literacy classes for rural farmers and their families with a focus on environmental sustainability through better farming techniques and fundamental reading, writing, and arithmetic skills. The project has also recently initiated a micro- credit activity so that farmers can start businesses and earn a reliable and sustainable income.

“Reading and writing are necessary in order to be able to defend one's self. I didn’t know much of anything when I joined AKV, but after time I began to know a little more, and to learn some new words. The situation here is hard, but now I have a little practice and I can make my way more easily.”

- Learner, AKV