Instructional Resources for International Organizations

Literacy Solutions Manuals: Simple discussion manuals incorporate literacy instruction with a specific development issue. Each manual contains drawings of real-life situations that learners encounter along with related questions, vocabulary words, and key ideas. Teachers use drawings and discussion questions to help learners develop literacy skills and identify solutions to local problem.

ProLiteracy’s partners translate the manuals into their native languages and adapt the drawings to reflect local lifestyles. To date, ProLiteracy has translated manuals in 34 languages with 128 adaptations.

Faith-based literacy materials: In the 1950s and ’60s, Dr. Frank Laubach developed a series of adult-literacy primers based on the life of Christ. As Dr. Frank pioneered literacy campaigns worldwide, most requested by new readers were Bible stories written at low literacy levels. Translated into more than 50 languages, these easy-to-read books helped adults learn to read while learning about Christ. The booklets use illustrations, vocabulary, and simple language that have been adapted for each country/language. Today, ProLiteracy has 55 different versions of these primers available.

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