Adult Learners Being Reached

(640 women, 542 men)


Literacy Classes/Communities

SEVOTA, a network of support groups based in Kamonyi, Rwanda, is dedicated to improving women’s lives through literacy and development projects. SEVOTA works with widows and women victims of violence, most of who lost their husbands during the 1994 genocide and have thereby found them without any financial support. Many of these women have also lost their children and have suffered physical and sexual violence during the conflict. To help regain their strength and rebuild their lives, SEVOTA works toward the creation of safe spaces for dialogue so that women, both Tutsi and Hutu, can talk about their pain and work towards reconciliation. In addition to literacy classes, SEVOTA provides workshops on human rights, gender and development, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, environment protection, peace and conflict resolution and economic self-reliance.

“SEVOTA has given me an opportunity to learn more about health and animal raising…SEVOTA is my big sister, mother & father”

- Christine, genocide victim, widow and SEVOTA member

"Joining SEVOTA’s program has helped relieve the wounds to my heart”

-SEVOTA learner