Adult Learners Reached

(350 women, 150 men)



Literacy Classes/Communities

Kaddawalime Development Association (KDA) is located in the Luweero district of Uganda, a district that was greatly affected by the bush war. People of the district faced a decline in the economy and in social and educational aspects of life. Out of this struggle, KDA was formed. Kaddawalime hosts over 600 members across the district with the mission to promote community growth and development starting at the household level. Kaddawalime’s objectives include the advocacy of girls’ education, uplifting household standards through small business projects, promoting disease awareness, promoting peace, and fostering sustainable growth and development policies and practices. Kaddawalime has also established successful adult literacy classes through the utilization of ProLiteracy’s Literacy Solutions manuals. Thanks to the Kaddawalime Association, the future of the Luweero district looks bright.

"I am a father of 8 children and a member of KDA who received a grant to plant 1 seed bank with improved banana tissues. I often struggled to provide for my family before but the bank has provided me with an income from the sale of bananas and banana tissues. I also contributed towards creating another seed bank for another family of a KDA participant. “I often had fights at home with my Wife as a result of my failure to take our children to school but with the income from our KDA/Proliteracy “Matooke garden” / banana garden all those bad days are no more.”

- Mr. Kisubika



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