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Teach an adult to read. Inspire the world to change.

About Leamos

Formal education isn’t always an option for Latino immigrants, especially adults. Teaching native-language literacy first can significantly increase the percentage of Latino immigrants who feel confident enrolling and succeeding in English language classes and other adult education classes.

Not only is achieving literacy in Spanish a necessary first step toward English acquisition, but learning to read and write in one’s primary language is vital to success and self-confidence in the workplace, managing health care, or raising children, etc. In addition, eradicating non-literacy among Latinos could add billions of dollars to our economy and lower health care and social-service costs.

Leamos (Let's Read) is an online Spanish literacy course for Spanish speakers with two years or less of formal education. Leamos helps those who did not attend school as children to learn basic literacy so they can confidently pursue other educational goals for the first time in their lives, including learning English, passing the citizenship exam, etc. It teaches non-literate Spanish speaking adults to read and write Spanish at a basic level with the help of a tutor. The course consists of 43 self-paced instructional lessons divided into nine modules. It takes approximately 150 hours to complete.

There are 36 million low-literate American adults. Of those 36 million, a little under 1.6 million are non-literate Spanish speaking adults. ProLiteracy, the largest adult literacy and basic education membership organization in the nation, acquired Leamos in 2018 from Centro Latino in order to scale this effort and improve the quality of life for adults by increasing literacy rates.