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Proven Value and Testimonials

Each year adult learners tell us the impact the Leamos™ course has had on their lives. Being able to read and write has opened many doors, some students have earned better jobs and many have continued their education. Here are just a few examples:

Student Story

View Mercedes Meza's testimonial

  • Able to independently read street signs, documents, medical prescriptions, and for the first time, they can write letters to their family members;
  • Promoted from a janitorial position to an administrative level position;
  • Improved ability to make decisions and to communicate with family members; and
  • Performed job tasks that require writing, reading, and interpreting language symbols Completed formal education for the first time
  • Other student stories can be found in the publication Ya Tengo Ojos (Now I Have Eyes).

Why Literacy?

In October 2010, researchers at The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHHD) found that a mother's reading skill is the greatest determinant of her children's future and academic success, outweighing other factors such as neighborhood and family income.

"...programs to improve mothers' reading skills may help to overcome the disparity in academic achievement between children in poor and upper income neighborhoods,"
Rebecca Clark, Ph.D., Eunice Kennedy Shriver, NICHHD
"Students' self-confidence in their ability to learn is bolstered by success in the native language literacy classes, and this self-confidence is carried over into ESL classes."
Marilyn K. Gillespie, Center for Applied Linguistics & National Center on Adult Literacy


We recognize and build on the student's commitment and resilience, and encourage them to continue their learning beyond basic reading and writing.


"I'm reading the citizenship handbook and I understand it. Besides getting my citizenship I would like to learn English."Maria Ramirez, 67, Guatemala

"The first time that I was able to read an order at work I went to the warehouse and cried. My son motivates me and tells me, 'Dad, go to school so that you can help me." Antonio Pineda, 32, El Salvador



"Overtime, to see [the students] starting to make independent choices about the topics of the dictations and slowly accepting the idea that they have their own unique voice in the world was a very special experience for me."Steve Venables, Los Angeles Sports Foundation

"I have learned a lot through the experience and am also thrilled to have connected with an organization that is so well-run and has such a valuable mission."Katie DeWitt, MBA Student, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

"I learned how to be patient with the people in a deeper way than I knew previously, and I learned how to listen more effectively."Casey O'Neill, UCLA Student


"Leamos has been exciting because I can actually see the confidence building in the students each week."Martina Tello, San Mateo County Library

"I'm really happy we're able to provide the same service for Spanish speakers that we provide for English speakers in our community."Cathay Reta, Azusa City Library

"I cannot remember a single time that a [UCLA] student has not been happy with their transformational learning. This is an agency that touches and changes lives."Kathy O'Byrne, Ph.D., UCLA Center for Community Learning