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LeamosTM Course Technical Support

What are the technology requirements?

  • Internet connection
  • Desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Headsets (optional)
  • Ability to run modern browsers

What are the browser requirements?

  • Google Chrome (recommended browser)
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 10+

What are the mobile device requirements?
Mobile device requirements:

  • iOS 8.4 or later on an iPad or iPhone
  • Any android device

Do I need to download any software or plugins?
Adobe Flash Player might be necessary.

How can a student get started?
Students can log in at https://proliteracy.csod.com/client/proliteracy/default.aspx using their username and password.

My screen looks cut off and there is no ­­scroll bar to move the page.
Your screen size probably needs to be adjusted to a smaller setting. To adjust on a PC, hold Ctrl button + minus button to adjust the screen size or click the minus symbol in the zoom setting. On a Mac, hold the command button + minus button.

When the username and/or password is entered, I receive a message that says: You have entered invalid authentication credentials.

The user’s password is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as it was entered when the account was created. You should contact the manager who gave you your account username to confirm the correct format of your username and password.

How can I retrieve or reset my password?

Please contact the Leamos administrator to reset your password manually by emailing leamos@proliteracy.org.

Once the course is launched, the screen is blank. What should I do?
Please log off and install and/or use a different browser. If the problem persists, contact the Leamos administrator by emailing leamos@proliteracy.org.

The student is unable to move forward in the course. Who should I contact?

If the student completed a module and you see the score page, please contact the Leamos administrator to move the student’s progress manually by sending an email to leamos@proliteracy.org and include a screenshot.

How do I report an error in the course?
Please send an email to the Leamos administrator at leamos@proliteracy.org

If you need further support, please call 213-262-8799 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST, or email leamos@proliteracy.org.